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Black Raven Films Logo 2015 - With Text

Black Raven Films

BLACK RAVEN FILMS (Production Company, started in 2009 by Adam Kilbourn) is a Las Vegas based production company that specializes in corporate story telling. Winner of Best Nevada Film Maker at the Dam Short Film Festival, Black Raven Films’ clients include Circa Casino, The D Casino, Fremont Street Experience, The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, William Hill, National Geographic, Pulte Homes and US VETS. 

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ISMAHAWK (Production Partner & Marketing) is a group of independent filmmakers led by Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le. Since they began in 2012, they have had tremendous success producing short action films on YouTube, amassing over 600,000 subscribers and a 100 million views on their channel.

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Arhat Orphan Brotherhood

ARHAT ORPHAN BROTHERHOOD (Stunt Team) has been making action films in Las Vegas for the past decade. Grown from the Shaolin School of Kung Fu, the team is made up of skilled fighters with a passion for authenticity and the art of Kung Fu.

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Key Team Members

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Adam Kilbourn

Adam Kilbourn is the Owner and President of Black Raven Films and Director and Co-star in Action! Action! Adam’s passion for fight choreography, fast cars, and explosions have driven him to constantly grow as a filmmaker.

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Danny Shepherd

Danny Shepherd is a Co-Founder of Ismahawk and an experienced director, actor, and Visual Effects artist. For Action! Action!, Danny is the second unit director.

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Jeremy Le

Jeremy Le is the other Co-Founder of Ismahawk and is an extremely talented cinematographer and editor. Jeremy is the Director of Photography for Action! Action!

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David Barker

David Barker is one of the biggest names in Pyro work in the film industry. His films include Avengers Endgame, Bad Boys for Life, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Thor: Ragnorak, Terminator Genisys, and Pirates of the Caribbean. David is the lead Pyrotechnics Foreman for Action! Action!

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Andrew Comrie-Picard

Andrew Comrie-Picard, known as “ACP,” is a Car Action Expert with a specialty in designing and coordinating stun car driving challenges. Feature Films he has worked on include Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw, Deadpool 2, and Atomic Blonde.

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Jeff Deverett

Jeff Deverett, owner and creator of Deverett Media Group, has been producing and distributing feature films for over 25 years. He has personally made 7 feature films, 3 of which are currently on Netflix.

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Production Partners

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The Mob Museum

THE MOB MUSEUM, a top 20 museum in the United States, has agreed to host filming and usage of their name for the film. The initial heist and start of the car chase were filmed on property.

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Circa Resort and Casino

CIRCA RESORT & CASINO, the newest billion dollar casino in Downtown Las Vegas has agreed to host filming and usage of their name for the film, including the rooftop Legacy Club & Garage Mahal. Parts of the car chase and a Mob Bosses lair will be filmed on property

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Fremont Street Experience

FREMONT STREET EXPERIENCE, the worlds largest television screen and attraction has agreed to host filming and usage of their name for the film. Parts of the car chase will be filmed on property

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